Posted in January 2010

Day 30 – Music to my Ears

I had a day filled with beautiful sounds today.  If I tried to describe them  in detail, it wouldn’t do them justice.  So, instead, in short form, here are the top three sounds I heard today: Number 3 – The young voices of my OYP kids performing “Singing in the Rain”. Number 2 – Beatrice’s … Continue reading

Day 29 – A Song in my Heart

I happily admit that I am huge musical theatre lover and the director/performer in me can’t help but find huge amounts of  beauty in a well constructed, perfectly timed, emotionally driven musical theatre performance. I dare you to listen to any of these and not instantly feel good.

Day 28 – Radiant

Someone I barely know told me that I looked radiant today. Then he complimented me on my jacket. Over the next eight hours, anyone that saw me said something positive about my jacket and how good it looked on me. Talk about a happy boost! It is gorgeous. The nicest part about it is that … Continue reading

Day 27 – Today’s Word Encounters

Accoutrement (as in: “Yay for retail therapy and getting new accoutrement for the downstairs bathroom.”) Voluminous (as in: “Gee your hair is voluminous today.”) Optimistic (as in: “I am optimistic that I’m going to have a good week.”) Did you have any beautiful word encounters?

Day 26 – One thing I know I can do.

Being a mom is by far the most difficult job I have ever had.  You’ve probably heard this from other people before and they are absolutely telling the truth.  Being responsible for a living, breathing being is hugely stressful.  Add on unrealistic expectations, a long learning curve and many unexpected challenges and you can struggle … Continue reading

Day 25 – Still Processing

It was a pretty grey day for me today. Rainy. Stayed in all day. Dealt with an earful of wails and cries and whys. It was a day of picking up cherrios, doing 6 loads of laundry and cooking multiple meals. Mom-like drudgery. Some people thrive with it. I sometimes sludge through it with the … Continue reading

Day 24 – Faces

When I was arrived at the Shenkman Arts Centre recently, I was greeted by a beautiful sight. In front of me was a chest of drawers, made of dark stained wood and these little off-white knobs. The knobs got my attention. They all looked slightly different. At closer inspection, I realised why. Each tiny knob … Continue reading

Day 22 – The First

This may come to a shock to some of you, but I wasn’t always this supremely cool and awesome lady. (ahem)  When I was a kid, I always felt like the odd one out.  Especially at school.  Imagine learning to speak English in a town with a 98% Francophone population.  Knowing only as much as … Continue reading

Day 21 – Wet and (not-so-much) Wild

The average North American adult, I assume, bathes or showers at least once a day.  It’s something we barely even think about anymore, becoming as routine as eating or sleeping.    But there are a few groups of people whose bathing routinely gets interrupted, altered or altogether forgotten.  I am a member of one such group … Continue reading