Day 11 – Bump in the road

Today was the first day that beauty didn’t jump out at me.    I guess I was too busy focusing on getting stuff done.    It was a gray, blah sort of day.  Productive, but not exciting.  Not chaotic, but not eventful.

So I had to go looking.  I googled “beauty” and clicked “I feel lucky”.  It brought me to the same Wikipedia page I got my definition from in the first place.   So that wasn’t particularly useful.

So then I paused, closed my eyes and let my mind wander.  And all I could see was the dark behind my eyelids.  Nothing came to me.

Sure, I could have named a dozen things that were around me that I think are attractive or nice or pretty, but nothing felt particularly good enough to be “beautiful”.

And then… it hit me.

This challenge.  The quest.  This is beautiful.  Allowing myself to take on a new project that’s just for myself, that gives me great satisfaction, that is beautiful.  Accepting that I might not always get things “right”, that is also beautiful.  Accepting my gray days knowing that tomorrow or the next day might be in Technicolor, yep, beautiful again.

11 days down – 354 to go.


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