Day 14 (and 15) – Two for the price of one!

Lots of crazy events have gone on in the world… my immediate world and the world in general.   So crazy in fact that it was 1am this morning when I realised that I hadn’t posted a blog for the 14th.  This was odd, because I actually saw/thought of/admired much beauty yesterday but just completely forgot to write about it.    However, those moments have passed and I’ve chosen to share two completely different and (seemingly) contrasting ideas that I think are equally beautiful.


People in Haiti need all the help that they can get right now.  Such a devastating event can happen to any of us at any time.  Being generous with that we have, even if it’s not a lot, can mean the world to someone in need.  See the following sites for more info:

Canadian Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

World Vision Canada


(Written by David A. Reinstein)

Austerity can neutralize
Self-serving or
Helping ourselves
By helping others
Is not selfishness.
To do good and
To feel good
Is not a bad thing.
There is no sin
In feeling
The pleasure of
Earned gratification.

Selflessness is
Rare and often
Tends to discount
Or devalue
The needs of others.
Serving one’s self
By serving others
May be
Humankind’s highest
Responsibility to itself
And to our


Highest calling.

The self needn’t
Be hidden
In shame on a shelf.
Loving and being
Reflect the self seeing
Our both who we are
And hope to become.
Both in light and without
We can see toward within
As well as without.


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