Day 19 – Something to Celebrate

Anniversary:  [from Latin anniversārius returning every year, from annus year + vertere to turn] … a celebration.

Today, a good friend of mine reminded me  that tomorrow, January 20th 2000, is the 10th anniversary of our first show together – Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing at the University of Ottawa.  How crazy is that?  We met, became acquaintances, worked together through the years, became friends and now he’s one of the most supportive people I have in my life.

And how great is it that we have the concept of “anniversaries”.  It can give us the excuse to celebrate and see how far we’ve come.  I think we should all have more anniversary celebrations, for even the simplest things.

I say any excuse for a party (whether it be afternoon coffee or a big blowout or presents) is fine by me.


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