Day 34 – Coming out of the Closet

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’ll come out.

I am an avid song-maker-upper.

Please don’t judge me.

Maybe this stems from being raised as an only child and having lots of time to myself, chatting to my imaginary friends.   Creating scenarios, many of which involved spontaneous musical numbers.    Am I alone here?  Anybody?  …sigh.

You’d think that my urge to sing and make-up-stuff would be fueled by having kids.  That my need to stimulate and expand their little minds would inspire me to  create wondrous arias.   But no.  Not sure why not.  But no.

However, I noticed a change today.  Once the delivery men drove off, leaving me alone with my new-second-hand fridge and stove and brand-new freezer, I started singing.  I’ll spare you the details, but I will tell you that one song was simply titled “I love my appliances” and (in my mind’s “ears”) could rival any Taylor Swift song.

It was an incredibly silly, totally freeing  and absolutely beautiful moment.

You may now mock me viciously.


4 thoughts on “Day 34 – Coming out of the Closet

  1. 1) Lesbians everywhere are very disappointed by the content of this post.

    2) I am also guilty of making up songs about my daily activity. I’m sure my parents could mention some especially embarrassing ones composed by my seven-year-old self. At least you can sing!

  2. Hi all! Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone.

    Nancy – The words to “I love my appliances” are simply those words repeated… but it’s the melody that would rock your socks off. 😉

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