Day 54 – Bo-bo

I had a dream come true today.

This is going to sound so freakin’ corny, but I’m going to say it anyway.   One of the images I had of myself as a mother was of being able to magically take away my child’s pain.  From the moment I could do it, I kissed my baby’s “bo-bo”s.  The image of the perfect mom in the commercials, putting on a Band-aid on their child’s arm, patting them on the head and sending them back out to play, seemed so amazing to me when I was younger.  And now I am that mom.

Today, I put my first Band-aid on A-J.  And with a kiss, all was right with the world.  I am magical.

And it seems to be hereditary.  When sitting on the floor after her bath tonight, A-J asked her Daddy if his back was sore.  When he answered “yes”, she promptly got up and repeatedly kissed his back.



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