Day 86 through 89 – Barbiturate anyone?

I have much beauty to catch up on, so here goes:

Day 86 -Alain Toussaint

Day 87After almost a week of migraine, I finally broke down, stopped breastfeeding and took a Fiorinal.  Beatrice was self-weaning herself anyway, so the timing was good.  And though it didn’t take it all away, I was able to function.  Sort of.

Still, much better than what Advil was doing for me.

Day 88 -Butterflies

After many months off-stage, I had a rehearsal recently for a fundraiser performance. I was excited to be in the same room with the cast again, four years after premiering the show at the Fringe.    I laughed.  I cried.  I orgasm-ed.  And I had butterflies.

Day 89 – My new favorite snack!

Day 85 – One Less Lonely Girl

Back in the day, when New Kids on the Block were big, I was That Girl.  I had the t-shirts.  The walls of my room were covered in their posters.  I went to one of their concerts in the pouring rain (with my dad).  I even had their dolls.

So these days, when I hear people hating on “Justin Bieber”, I get annoyed.  Because I remember being That Girl.  The pre-teen who wishes she could meet him.  The girl singing and dancing in her bedroom.  A plus, he’s Canadian.  A bigger plus, he’s got people like Ludacris and Usher working with him.  And the biggest biggest plus, he’s 16!  No wonder pre-teens girls are falling over for this guy!  (Not to mention that he does actually have some talent and has years ahead of him to – hopefully- develop.)

So to all the haters out there, just think for a second, were you ever That Girl?

Day 84 – The Sound of Silence

The kids are in bed.

My husband is at work.

The bills are paid.

The dishes are done.

Now what do I do?

Being raised as an only child, I’ve really grown to appreciate alone time.  But the past five years of my life have been spent constantly surrounded by a barrage of family noise.  It’s pleasant noise, don’t get me wrong, but it can be deafening at times.

So tonight, during one of those few times I am completely alone, as creepy as it can feel, I am going to make an effort to appreciate silence.

I wonder how long it’ll take before the voice(s) in my head starts talking too loudly?

Day 82 – Throwing Stuff Into a Pot

I have loved baking ever since I was a kid.  I remember my mom letting me raid the spice rack and baking cupboard so I could come up with my own special concoctions.  I still have vivid memories of some foul almond-essence smelling green liquid I “cooked” but never tasted.

I’ve become a foodie as an adult.  Though my tastes aren’t particularly adventurous, I enjoy testing out new recipes.  I’ve always followed them diligently with great results (if I do say so myself)… until now.

The other day, I just threw stuff into a pot and made magic… twice!  I seem to have finally developed the ability to be able to cook using my own ideas and measurements without depending on a cookbook to guide me.  It’s not like I reinvented the wheel.  I just made chicken soup and jam (not in the same pot at the same time, of course) but it was so freeing.

And because someone asked, here’s one of the recipes… if you can even call it that.  I don’t think it takes much magic to make jam in a bread maker,  but I’ll still take credit for the good results nonetheless.

Pear and strawberry jam

– Roughly chop two handful of strawberries and two ripe pears.

– Add  fruit to the bread maker pan

– Add about 2/3 of a cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 a package of pectin.

– Start bread maker – making sure it’s on the “jam” setting… duh.

– Patiently wait about 1h30 minutes.

– Enjoy hot jam!  Or let it cool and refrigerate for later enjoyment.

Day 80 and 81 – Girly Stuffs

Day 80 – Heat has been a human source of comfort since, I imagine, forever.    Doesn’t everybody have soft fuzzy memories of feeling better after your mom gave you a hot water bottle for your sore belly, or baking in hot sand on a beach or snuggling under a heavy duvet?

I have to admit, the main reason I’m still breastfeeding Lil’ B. isn’t because of how good it is for her health-wise, but because she’s the perfect baby-sized “hot water bottle”!  Nothing is quite so awesome as having a warm squidgy unconditional loving baby cuddling with you.

Day 81 – I’ve got a new girly obsession… makeup tutorials.  Michelle Phan started as a visual artist and now a makeup artist, business woman and YouTube guru.

Day 79 – Franklin

I took AJ to Centrepointe Theatre today. It was her third live show experience of her short life, not counting watching living room rehearsals of course.

We shared many beautiful moments together today, but two really stood out. For a 2.5 year old, she was extremely well behaved. She sat patiently in her seat not really knowing what to expect. And then the huge red stage curtain rose. Her eyes became as huge as saucers. She was completely mesmerised. Something simple that I’ve taken for granted for so many years rendered my chatty toddler utterly speechless.

That is, until Franklin the turtle made his appearance. In classic kid fashion, with a huge grin on her face, AJ pointed and yelled “There he is!”. I almost cried.

There’s nothing like kids to remind you of how magical life can be. And I’m even more fortunate than some, because I’m in the magic-making business.