Posted in March 2010

Day 86 through 89 – Barbiturate anyone?

I have much beauty to catch up on, so here goes: Day 86 -Alain Toussaint Day 87 –After almost a week of migraine, I finally broke down, stopped breastfeeding and took a Fiorinal.  Beatrice was self-weaning herself anyway, so the timing was good.  And though it didn’t take it all away, I was able to … Continue reading

Day 85 – One Less Lonely Girl

Back in the day, when New Kids on the Block were big, I was That Girl.  I had the t-shirts.  The walls of my room were covered in their posters.  I went to one of their concerts in the pouring rain (with my dad).  I even had their dolls. So these days, when I hear … Continue reading

Day 84 – The Sound of Silence

The kids are in bed. My husband is at work. The bills are paid. The dishes are done. Now what do I do? Being raised as an only child, I’ve really grown to appreciate alone time.  But the past five years of my life have been spent constantly surrounded by a barrage of family noise.  … Continue reading

Day 83 – My New Friend

You might think I’m strange, but I don’t care. I’ve got my own home now. I’ve got the beginnings of a garden. But it just wouldn’t be complete without him. Name suggestions anyone?

Day 82 – Throwing Stuff Into a Pot

I have loved baking ever since I was a kid.  I remember my mom letting me raid the spice rack and baking cupboard so I could come up with my own special concoctions.  I still have vivid memories of some foul almond-essence smelling green liquid I “cooked” but never tasted. I’ve become a foodie as … Continue reading

Day 80 and 81 – Girly Stuffs

Day 80 – Heat has been a human source of comfort since, I imagine, forever.    Doesn’t everybody have soft fuzzy memories of feeling better after your mom gave you a hot water bottle for your sore belly, or baking in hot sand on a beach or snuggling under a heavy duvet? I have to admit, … Continue reading

Day 79 – Franklin

I took AJ to Centrepointe Theatre today. It was her third live show experience of her short life, not counting watching living room rehearsals of course. We shared many beautiful moments together today, but two really stood out. For a 2.5 year old, she was extremely well behaved. She sat patiently in her seat not … Continue reading

Day 77 and 78 – Facets of my Jobs

I am learning to embrace uncertainty, confusion and precedence. I am learning to take my time to look at decisions from all angles even if it means deciding to go a different direction. I am confident in my abilities. I embrace not always having the answers. I enjoy the rush I get watching the results … Continue reading

Day 75 – Sis

My sister is beautiful. Spending time with my sister and not having much time to write is beautiful too. Sunshine, movies, popcorn, wine, naps, games, advice, laughs, silliness… It’s hard to imagine that she’s only been in my life for 12 years.