Day 79 – Franklin

I took AJ to Centrepointe Theatre today. It was her third live show experience of her short life, not counting watching living room rehearsals of course.

We shared many beautiful moments together today, but two really stood out. For a 2.5 year old, she was extremely well behaved. She sat patiently in her seat not really knowing what to expect. And then the huge red stage curtain rose. Her eyes became as huge as saucers. She was completely mesmerised. Something simple that I’ve taken for granted for so many years rendered my chatty toddler utterly speechless.

That is, until Franklin the turtle made his appearance. In classic kid fashion, with a huge grin on her face, AJ pointed and yelled “There he is!”. I almost cried.

There’s nothing like kids to remind you of how magical life can be. And I’m even more fortunate than some, because I’m in the magic-making business.


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