Day 85 – One Less Lonely Girl

Back in the day, when New Kids on the Block were big, I was That Girl.  I had the t-shirts.  The walls of my room were covered in their posters.  I went to one of their concerts in the pouring rain (with my dad).  I even had their dolls.

So these days, when I hear people hating on “Justin Bieber”, I get annoyed.  Because I remember being That Girl.  The pre-teen who wishes she could meet him.  The girl singing and dancing in her bedroom.  A plus, he’s Canadian.  A bigger plus, he’s got people like Ludacris and Usher working with him.  And the biggest biggest plus, he’s 16!  No wonder pre-teens girls are falling over for this guy!  (Not to mention that he does actually have some talent and has years ahead of him to – hopefully- develop.)

So to all the haters out there, just think for a second, were you ever That Girl?


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