Day 90 and 91 – Pick Me Ups

Day 90: Honesty

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing group of women.  Intelligent, hard-working, funny ladies.  And they are fantastic moms too.  The other night, they each shared with me their personal view of who I am and what I bring to the world.  They were sincere, honest and extremely thoughtful.  And it totally made my day.

Day 91 – Family

The in-laws are coming!!!  To some people, this would be a huge stress.  And I can’t deny that having four extra people in my house for 10 days won’t bring its share of stresses.  However, I love these people!  They are fun and loving and caring.  I am extremely fortunate to have them in my life.

P.S.  Because of the visiting family, I might not updating as much as usual.  But I’ll do my best to keep my eyes open to beauty.


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