Day 101-105 – This Too Shall Pass

In honor of the major ICK I had to deal with (and then recover from) over the past 5 days, here is some small beauties:

Day 101 – Mommies… no matter how much they can wind you up, there are times when I realise how lucky I am to have such a supportive family.

Day 102 – Beautiful bit of luck = Having only one of your two children sick at the same time as you. (An even more beautiful bit of luck would have been if my husband wasn’t also sick at the same time, but you can’t win them all.)

Day 103 – Water… beautifully clean, easy to drink, easy to find water.

Day 104 – Home ownership… and being smart enough to buy a place with two bathrooms.

Day 105 – A Breather… finding flowers (weeds?) in my backyard.


One thought on “Day 101-105 – This Too Shall Pass

  1. not weeds, purple violets. They do self seed madly but you can just mow them with the grass and have a pretty yard this time of year.
    feel better, friend.

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