Day 108-110 – New Directions

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  I’ve been taking this exercise for granted.  I should be making a real attempt to take 5 minutes to write every day.  It’s at least five minutes that I can call my own and if that’s all I get in my day, I should appreciate that.

Day 108 – An interesting quote about marriage

“Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash.” – Joyce Brothers

Day 109 – Hello

Day 110 – Re-prioritising

For people who don’t have kids and who aren’t a workaholic like me, it’s hard to understand the guilt associated with being a full-time mom/career woman.  When the job is done right, to the outside world, it seems effortless.  The problem is that no matter how much I get done in a day, I still feel guilty for “neglecting” other things.  It can be difficult to celebrate what I have achieved and not beat myself up over what didn’t get done.  You’d think just simply keeping two toddlers clean, fed, alive and happy would be cause to break out the champagne.  Lord knows that (sadly) plenty of people can’t raise kids without some degree of screw up.

So I’m learning.  Taking baby steps.  My most recent achievements were:

– Teaching myself to NOT check my work email unless I can devote time to the work itself… otherwise I’m just splitting my focus and causing myself panic attacks.

– Enjoying how clean my living room was this afternoon while the kids were asleep (and ignoring the fact that I moved the mess into the basement.)

I am not perfect, and that’s ok.  Actually, it’s more than ok.  It’s completely normal.  I’m too hard on myself and, in the meantime, I am missing tiny precious amazing moments to be had.

Baby steps.


One thought on “Day 108-110 – New Directions

  1. …Any job, done well, appears effortless.

    Juggling fire…
    Scoring Stanley-Cup-Winning goals…
    Engaging the whole flipping world at Live Aid (a la Freddie Mercury)…
    And being a mom…

    Curious, isn’t it? Maybe because we’re so taken by the grace and the passion that we overlook the training and the effort?


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