Day 132 – Foreign Tongue

One of my part-time jobs is pretty strange and always interesting.  I am an SP.  A standardised patient for those of you not up with the lingo.  Essentially an SP is a person/actor hired to simulate a real-life medical situation, like a stop-smoking counseling session, to being a mom with a sick kid to being just a body for the candidates to fondle… in a medical way of course.  As a “patient” I have to keep my performance as consistent as possible from one candidate to the next, because these are exams after all.  I’ve worked with 3rd year med students up to full-fledged MDs who are expanding their specialisations.

The process is always completely fascinating and today’s SP work was particularly beautiful.  I can’t say much, given the confidentiality agreements we sign, but I can say that listening to the candidates and examiners talk is like being in a foreign country.  I can more or less deduce what they are talking about, but the language itself is all wrong.  It just doesn’t compute in my brain.

But it was so beautiful.  All those fancy words.  That confidence.  AND it was in french.  Like poetry.



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