Day 148-150 – Blossoming

Day 148: A seed of an idea was planted last year and it is finally coming to fruition. I don’t want to give too much away for those who aren’t in the know already, but I will talk more about it after the Ottawa Fringe media launch on Tuesday June 1st.

I do have to say that this small idea has grown into much more than I ever thought it would be and that’s thanks, in part, to two people who are donating their time, skill set and passion for the Fringe. Aside from the fact that this idea (these many ideas?) have great business potential, the work is motivated because that they care.


Day 149-150: It’s been a busy past couple of days in my front and back garden. One day, I was sad that none of the flowers I planted from seed has bloomed yet. Then I took a moment to look at the back garden and noticed how lucky I am that my neighbour’s lilacs decide to come on over for a visit.

The next day, one single flower appeared in my front garden. It looks kinda sad and lonely, but I still think it’s beautiful. I made something grow!

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