Posted in July 2010

Day 206-211 – My Vacation (part two)

Day 206 – I only had one full day at home before going on our first full-fledged family camping trip and the most beautiful moment (or should I say momentS) of my day was/were one(s) that show how good of a team Stewart and I can make.  Things were in order.  The meal “plan” was … Continue reading

Day 202-205 – My Vacation (Part 1)

Day 202 – Being plan-less and clock-less is enough to drive me insane.  I try to know where my iPhone is at all times so I can instantly access information that will keep me on track, focussed and on deadline.  It makes me feel safe. But there’s something about being on holiday that changes all … Continue reading

Day 201 – SHOES!

I don’t normally have the patience to look through the Salvation Army, even though I love a bargain. Especially when they are for beautiful shoes. I just lucked out on this one trip. They were just staring at me and I had to have them. Nude strappy high heels for me. (8$) Black patent leather … Continue reading

Day 198-200 – With Age Comes…

Day 198 – FLAB I did a 20 minute workout, and it just about killed me.  But I’m choosing to look at this as a good thing.  When you’re young you take lots of things for granted, particularly being naturally lean and fit.  But now I’m not fit.  Some of that has to do with … Continue reading

Day 196 – I’m Yours (kid-style)

I spent a lot of time on Day 195’s beautiful thing yesterday and I rediscovered videos of this amazingly talented kid playing the ukulele.  You might have already seen him because some of his videos have gone viral.  Still, he is worth watching over and over again.  What he does is art in some of … Continue reading

Day 194 – Christmas in July

Our family helps out with testing toys for an amazing site. It’s a pretty fabulous deal. Our kids get to test out a load of toys (we’ve had anywhere from 1 to 15 in our possession at any given time). We get to share our opinions. They get posted on the website, which then helps … Continue reading

Day 193 – Dinner Experiment

I love to cook.  I find it extremely relaxing, particularly when I don’t have screaming toddlers at my feet. Tonight I made cheesy potato pie and tilapia with a lemon/rosemary/garlic butter.  Both tasted great… unfortunately, not together.  Lesson learned.

Day 191-192 – Planned Spontaneity

Day 191 – My husband and I have finally planned a mini-holiday to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. We’ve never been there, but it’s only 1.5 hours away and it looks beautiful, so it seems like a good option. The kids have never been camping before, so we decided to break out the new tent (a.k.a. … Continue reading