Day 190 – Anticipation Part Deux

The last time I wrote about anticipation was the night before I got on a plane for a business trip.  This time, my trip isn’t for almost two weeks but the anticipation is already building up.

I’ve daydreamt about my last two weeks of July for a while now.  I will finally be taking some time off.  Officially.  Definitely.  And it will feel good.

My vacation will be part “me time” and part “family time”.  The “me time” involves going to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for a few days all by my lonesome.  Granted, I probably won’t be able to walk 5 feet without running into someone I know.  But still, it’s one of my favorite festivals in the world (next to the Ottawa Fringe of course!) and I’m really excited to see as many shows as I can cram into a short amount of time.

The “family time” involves going on a short camping trip with my hubby and the little ladies.  We’ve never gone on this type of adventure with them, so I’m a little nervous.  Luckily, my nerves didn’t stop me from shopping at MEC like I owned the place.  (Wait, don’t all of us who shop at MEC technically own part of the place?)

So all of this to say, I can’t wait!  And my daydreams are keeping the anticipation alive.

Having something to look forward to, no matter how simple, is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Day 190 – Anticipation Part Deux

  1. Nat, I just stumbled upon this blog today (great idea by the way). Although not well, I’ve know you for a while and posts like the one above make me thankful for that. I really hope your friends and family realize how fantastic it is that you are part of their lives (if not, have someone remind them). The ‘simple’ enthusiasm you express in anticipation of spending time with people in your life is well a joy. So enjoy the upcoming vacation. Cheers.

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