Day 206-211 – My Vacation (part two)

Day 206 – I only had one full day at home before going on our first full-fledged family camping trip and the most beautiful moment (or should I say momentS) of my day was/were one(s) that show how good of a team Stewart and I can make.  Things were in order.  The meal “plan” was made.  The groceries were bought.  The kids were happy.  Usually the day before a holiday is filled with anxiety, chaos and frustration… at least for me.  But there was very little of that this time.

Day 207 – Letting go.  This is not something I do easily.

Day 208 – It was a fairly rainy and icky day, so we decided to get in the car and go for an explore.  Stewart stumbled on The Chippery, a chip wagon in Rideau Ferry.  Other than Stewart’s pancakes, there’s not much that my kids like more than french fries.  Boy were they happy with this place.  The chips were hot, fresh and soooooo tasty.  And I even got to try deep-fried pickles for the first time… also lovely.  I was a greasy, happy, full girl.

Day 209 – Clouds… also equally beautiful is taking the time to gaze at them.

Day 210 – Sunset at Murphy’s Point

Day 211 – We put away most of our camping gear today, which was kind of sad.  I don’t expect we’ll have a chance to camp again before the end of the summer.  However, I was surprised by something new.  Instead of feeling bummed out, there was a kernel of anticipation for the next trip.  Just a tiny glimmer of excitement deep down.  Where I normally feel a hole was replaced with hope.  A vast improvement I would say.


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