Day 213 – Favorite Thing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, parenting is Hard Work.  Spending an entire day with my kids without any help from other adults is extremely difficult.  Maybe others find it a breeze and think I’m a crap mom for even saying this, but I don’t care.  It’s my reality.  By 6pm, I’m exhausted, frustrated, hungry and hearing songs from my kid’s TV shows reminding me to calm down, which just winds me up more.

At bedtime, instead of rushing through things, I decided to take a bit more time with AJ.  After two stories, I cuddled with her and apologised for being impatient with her earlier.   Then I decided to ask her “What was your favorite part of today?”  She didn’t seem to know what to say.

“Was it playing your drum?”


“Was it eating Daddy’s pancakes?”


“Was it playing with Bea?”

“No.  YOU!”

“I was your favorite part of the day?”


And that people is what made all the hard work of the day worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Day 213 – Favorite Thing

  1. Awesome! I hope when my son is old enough for this kind of verbal communication he says that sort of thing to me once or twice. 😉

    You’re not a bad mom. I’m in shambles if I’m the only adult with my ONE child for a whole day. And apparently I’m a great dad. So I’ve been told, anyhow. Logic dictates, you’re a great mom. ‘Sides, it’s obvious from your blog posts.

  2. Kurt Nilsen’s voice is one proof of god…chocolate is a second.

    Children…children are of another order of magic.

    Aren’t they?

    Just awesome – glad you had this moment; glad you captured it.

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