Day 214-215 – Tiny Bits

Day 214 -I’ve posted videos from this guy before.  He works so hard for such a short clip.  I wish I had his talents.

Day 215 – Thanks to the huge help of one of my amazing coworkers, I was able to apply for a grant on behalf of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!  This is usually unheard of for me.  You have to understand, working for a small not-for-profit organisation means that I spend most of time alone in the office.  I work part-time hours in the fall and part of the winter when the majority of the grants are due.   I don’t usually have someone else to brainstorm with, to edit my writing, to commiserate with.  Thanks to a summer employment grant, I had the good fortune of not being alone after the Fringe and have now applied for a grant that I might not have applied for otherwise.  Fingers crossed for a good result.


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