Day 219 – Excuses Excuses

AJ is not a baby anymore.  She is a big girl and she knows it.  She’s asserting herself  by whining.   She goes out of her way to protect her baby sister.  But my favorite “growing up” thing she does right now is come up with excuses as to why she can’t say certain things.

My darling soon-to-be 3-year-old is learning two languages at once and she’s definitely taken to English more better.  (teehee) She understands me completely when I speak French, but she still has a hard time saying many of the words.  So she’s come up with an excuse that she uses all the time to get away from speaking French.  The funny part is that she now recognises this as being “funny” so she uses this line to try to get away with anything. Cleaning up her toys.  Holding her own cup.  Going to bed.

And her excuse is:

“But I can’t mommy.  My mouth is too big.”


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