Day 220-229 – Beauty Through Pain

Apologies for the HUGE blog post delay.  The majority of the past ten days have not been fun (for the most part).  In a nutshell: serious migraine + stomach bug + teething toddler + potty training pre-schooler.   But, on a good note, my days of ick ended with my Mom’s 60th, um, I mean 35th birthday weekend.  So let’s just say my beautiful observations ranged from very simple things to be thankful for to more the complex.

Let’s go!

Day 220 – I grew up in St-Isidore which is a small town about 45 minutes east of Ottawa.  It’s not in Québec, though probably 99% of the population is francophone.  There’s not much for kids to do in St-Isidore, except for the requisite running through fields, playing/watching hockey at the arena, goofing around at the video store, riding bikes, etc.  Since I was raised as an only child (I only met my half-sister 12 years ago, which is a whole other beautiful story for another day), my parents drove me out of town many nights a week for dance lessons and community theatre rehearsals.

I spent a lot of time in a car growing up and wasn’t much of a fan of commuting, especially since I get motion sickness really easily.  One of the things I would do to distract myself and pass the time during a rainy day drive was watch the beads of rain as they slid across my window.  I would pinpoint two separate drops and place bets as to which drop would get to the other side of the window first.  It was like a dance, each bead of water collecting more and more water as it was pushed by the wind as we raced down the 417 or 138.  It was exciting for me.  Not knowing where the stream would go.  Being surprised by which path it took.  It still fascinates me now.

Day 221 – Toast with butter.  That is all.

Day 222 – Tomato soup.  That is all.

Day 223 –

Introducing my new favorite bath toy. I don't have a name for him yet, but I adore his floppy rain hat and matching lifejacket.

Day 224 – I complain about my job sometimes, but being a mom is pretty freaking cool.  On a daily basis, there is laughter and surprises.  Just when you think you’ve got your kids figured out, they change.  And as annoying as that can be (I’m looking at you, Miss 3-year-old that’s still awake as I type this at 10:26pm), watching tiny people grow up into not-so-tiny people is completely fascinating and mind-boggling.

Day 225 –

This totally made my day. Luxury? I wonder what is so luxurious about it?

Day 226 – As I said previously, my toddler was teething.  In this particular case, that meant cutting four teeth at the same time.  She was not a happy camper.  And though I shouldn’t take pleasure from her pain, there’s nothing quite so beautiful as the cuddles given to a Mommy when baby isn’t feeling well.

Day 227 – My Mom is one beautiful lady.  Inside and out.   She’s funny, kind, caring, gentle, outspoken, intelligent, silly, a great grandmother, a fantastic actress and a special friend to many people.  Plus, she can rock white linen pants and peasant-style blouse like no one else can.  I wish I had a picture to prove it.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Day 228 – I finally got some strength back, enough to start cleaning the house.  The most beautiful moment of the day: the squeaky sound a mirror makes when being cleaned with Windex and paper towel.

Day 229 –  I am a particular fan of politically incorrect, subversive, dark humour.  Here’s an example: (definitely NSFW… and not suitable for people who are easily offended.)


6 thoughts on “Day 220-229 – Beauty Through Pain

  1. This is the SECOND teaser of a story that’s a beautiful day all on its own…I hope I find these stories somewhere later on in the book!

  2. Well, on this page is the teaser about missing your half-sister…but somewhere back there was another “beautiful story for another day”.

    • Well spotted! I don’t think I have written that one out. And it will mix in nicely with the half-sister dance-related story too.
      Hmmm… did I just find my project for tonight?

      • Brilliant.

        I’m almost caught up.

        This blog is getting to be like some of my favourite novels…I’m profoundly sad when I come near the end…because I wish the stories kept on going.

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