Day 230 – Liquid Gold

This is my friend Dalwhinnie. We haven't seen each other in a while, so we're getting re-acquainted.


3 thoughts on “Day 230 – Liquid Gold

  1. Once in my life, I was nervy enough to buy a bottle of this:

    I couldn’t afford it…at all…but I did. The only thing more beautiful than that 25 year old Macallan (note on the link page that it scored 100/100 – beat that!) was the comment from a friend who shared it with me – who referred to it as “liquid diamonds” – which it was.

  2. Scotch, like guinness and olives, is an acquired taste, to be sure.

    The first time I drank a single malt – Tamnavulin – it scorched the inside of my mouth. My response? Damn – I have to try that again!

    It’s sort of a Darwin awards for the epicuriously challenged, I suppose.

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