Day 230 – Liquid Gold

This is my friend Dalwhinnie. We haven't seen each other in a while, so we're getting re-acquainted.


3 thoughts on “Day 230 – Liquid Gold

  1. Once in my life, I was nervy enough to buy a bottle of this:

    I couldn’t afford it…at all…but I did. The only thing more beautiful than that 25 year old Macallan (note on the link page that it scored 100/100 – beat that!) was the comment from a friend who shared it with me – who referred to it as “liquid diamonds” – which it was.

    • I’ve only really developed a taste for scotch in the past five years. Even so, I still can’t handle it if it’s too peaty. Still have some growing up to do.

  2. Scotch, like guinness and olives, is an acquired taste, to be sure.

    The first time I drank a single malt – Tamnavulin – it scorched the inside of my mouth. My response? Damn – I have to try that again!

    It’s sort of a Darwin awards for the epicuriously challenged, I suppose.

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