Day 231 – 4,950… really?

At the time I write this, my blog is only 50 views away from hitting the 5000 mark.  That is just incredible to me.

I started writing this blog as a way to express myself and rediscover the world around me.  I could have written in a journal, on paper, and kept it private.  But like many plans, unless you’re held accountable to them, they can fall apart.  I assumed my Mom would remind me if I stopped posting and that would be motivation enough.

But I realise now that people are reading this. Not a huge amount of people, but more than I thought would nonetheless. That makes me smile.

Since I started my blog, I made my Twitter profile public.  I have around 150 followers now, many of which are people I’ve never met.  These are people who I now talk to on a weekly or even daily basis.  I still prefer face to face connections, but social media has really opened up possibilities to connect with people and learn new things.  I can’t have coffee with my friends all the time, but I can still discuss interesting topics.  Or read about important firsts.  Or get advice.  Or have a laugh.

If my little blog has contributed even the smallest amount to this big world of new connections, new ideas and renewed smiles, that’s a beautiful thing.


5 thoughts on “Day 231 – 4,950… really?

  1. It may be incredible to you, but I’m not at all surprised that people are drawn to you, your tweets and this blog!

    So there. 🙂

  2. I’m one of the 150 followers. Thanks for sharing your incites with us. Sometimes just getting a different view of the world makes a difference. You have a very natural writing style which I enjoy. Thanks again.

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