Day 236-239 – Not-so Hidden Beauty

I’ve had a lot of trouble seeing beauty around me these days.  There are lots of contributing factors that I won’t bore my lovely blog readers with.  Needless to say, I’ve had to search in some new places to find my daily dose of beauty and joy.    The strange thing is, as I was looking in new places, I found beauty in things I am extremely familiar with.

Day 236 –


Meet Tucker.  He’s my hairstylist’s (and very good friend’s) puppy.  I’m not a fan of big dogs by any stretch of the imagination, but this dog is the sweetest thing ever.  He is so gentle and wrinkly, he makes me melt.

Day 237


Meet my Dad, the best grandpapa in the world.  I love how in love my girls are with him.  They have an amazing connection.  And why shouldn’t they?  He’s awesome.

Day 238 –

The Wheel

Meet the wheel, a stone thingy located in my childhood park.  I remember doing a school project about it, though the only detail I can remember is that it’s from an old local mill.  I never used to be a big park kid, but I loved sitting on the base, resting my back against the wheel.  I was a loner.  But I liked that.

Day 239 –

Best Family Photo Ever

Meet my family.  I believe this photo was taken when we went to Canada’s Wonderland many moons ago.  It’s be hanging in my living room for years now and I barely notice it.  For some reason, it really struck me today.   I still remember putting the costume on and taking direction from the photographer.  A budding performer in the making.


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