Posted in September 2010

Day 265-272 – Ode to Autumn

I have been sick.  For a whole week now.  And I am Not Happy about it. Still.  I’ve tried to make notes of small beauties throughout the week. So, here I am.  In bed with my laptop and a fever, finally updating the blog.  Apologies for the delay. Day 265 – Day 266 – Day … Continue reading

Day 262-263 – Looking Back

Day 262 – Someone tagged a picture of me on Facebook that brought back beautiful memories.  When I was 16 (17?), I travelled to Spain with my dance troupe (and mother as one of the chaperones).  It was a huge learning experience for me.  Some of the most memorable moments include: – Ordering a screwdriver … Continue reading

Day 256 – 261 – Where Did The Time Go?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I blogged last.  Time flies when you’re, well, struggling.  I wasn’t necessarily that busy, but finding a few seconds to sit down quietly at my computer has been difficult.  (The operative word there was “quietly”… actually, it could have been “sit” too.) Day 256 – Day … Continue reading

Day 250-255 – T*ts and A**

Before I get to the real meat of the post, I just want to say all of you who read this must be a bunch of pervs!  😉  Day 249 with the title A Sensual Day brought this site the most hits in one day (100) since I started this thing.  I guess I’ll be … Continue reading

Day 249 – A Sensual Day

I soaked in lots of beauty today… … the feeling of hot water running down my neck and back… … the smell of my baby’s breath first thing in the morning (don’t judge!)… … the sound of a storm hitting my shingled roof… … the taste of the chocolate covered raisins I avoided consuming until … Continue reading

Day 248 – Qualitat

I never thought a hosiery commercial would make it only the list of things that bring me joy, but this certainly did. It’s catchy, it’s cheesy, it’s beautiful all rolled into one.  After playing it the first time, my eldest said “What a beautiful song mommy… play it again!”  And we did.

Day 247 – The Photojam

I was a very nervous kid.  I’d have panic attacks and butterflies in my stomach at the thought of staying overnight at my cousins’ house… and they only lived a block away!  Theatre and dance really brought me out of my shell and encouraged me to be more outgoing and social.  It’s been a long … Continue reading

Day 246 – Looking Out

A clear plan with effective execution brough the two kids, my hubby, myself and our friend Marc to the Canadian Museum of Nature by 10am today. It’s a great (and fairly inexpensive) place to go with lots to see and do. The building itself is gorgeous.  AJ kept calling it her “favourite castle!”  Some of … Continue reading

Day 240 – 245 – Where did It go?

When I started this blog, I got so much enjoyment out of finding special bits of beauty where I least expected it.  Right now, I feel so drained most days that writing even this small blog seems like a chore.   It really isn’t though.  It’s kind of like exercise.  Sometimes I don’t feel like doing … Continue reading