Day 265-272 – Ode to Autumn

I have been sick.  For a whole week now.  And I am Not Happy about it.

Still.  I’ve tried to make notes of small beauties throughout the week.

So, here I am.  In bed with my laptop and a fever, finally updating the blog.  Apologies for the delay.

Day 265 –

I swear this tree had green leaves the day before. How does nature work so frickin fast?

Day 266 –

What's more beautiful than leaves changing color?

Wet leaves changing color!

Day 267 –

With this change of season comes the inevitable return back to school.   I see a lot of beauty in this because I have two amazing teaching jobs that bring me loads of joy.  Being a professor at the University of Ottawa, lecturing in the same classrooms I learned theatre theory in is a great honor.  On the flipside, I also get a huge amount of joy from teaching at Orleans Young Players Theatre School.  I had my first day back recently and I felt more nervous than the kids.  That anxiety went away the minute I sat down with 6 kids (ages 5 and 6) and worked on creating our own story.  It involved lots of falling down, running and fixing things.  We all physically re-enacted the story with great gusto, causing me to break out in a sweat trying to keep up with these little balls of energy.  They are so beautiful sometimes.

Day 268 –

"Time-outs" can be a beautiful thing.

Day 269 –

This has absolutely nothing to do with autumn, but the video was posted on Facebook recently and I am a sucker for great dancing.

Day 270 –

With the colder comes an urge to do more baking.  I think it’s a real toss-up.  I’m not sure what’s more beautiful:  Fully-baked brownies, or being able to lick the brownie batter off the spoon?

Day 271 –

Lil B, belly-laughing in her sleep.  That is all.

Day 272 –

Waking up from a nap to find that your husband completely tidied up the once-chaotic basement… including re-labelling the rubbermaid containers.  I’m a sucker for good organisation.

Day 262-263 – Looking Back

Day 262 –

Someone tagged a picture of me on Facebook that brought back beautiful memories.  When I was 16 (17?), I travelled to Spain with my dance troupe (and mother as one of the chaperones).  It was a huge learning experience for me.  Some of the most memorable moments include:

– Ordering a screwdriver at the hotel bar because I could say “vodka y naranja”… while my mother watched approvingly.

– Spontaneous dance lessons from various dancers from other countries at the festival.  The small community we built in the time we were there was fantastic.

– Dislocating my patella for the umpteenth time, but this time it compromised my ability to perform for the entire festival.  Luckily, there were doctors on site that were extremely helpful and I wasn’t in too much pain.  What made me most sad wasn’t the thought of not being able to dance at the performances, but it was being “responsible” and not going out dancing with my friends after hours.  I guess in the end, that experience helped form my work ethic for the rest of my career.

Day 263 –

My husband loves Canada for many reasons, but one that sticks in my head is that “Canada has so much sky!”  He’s referring to the prairies mostly, but still.  Driving on the highway today, looking forward I saw only blue skies.  Looking in my rearview mirror, all I could see was a beautiful gradation on reds and oranges and yellows.  Canada… happy to be here.

Day 256 – 261 – Where Did The Time Go?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I blogged last.  Time flies when you’re, well, struggling.  I wasn’t necessarily that busy, but finding a few seconds to sit down quietly at my computer has been difficult.  (The operative word there was “quietly”… actually, it could have been “sit” too.)

Day 256 –

Bedroom Ceiling (by AJ, 3 years old)

Day 257 –

Mommy and Me (more AJ photography)

Day 258 –

End of summer

Day 259 –

For-No-Reason Flowers (from my Daddy)

Day 260 – After spending an entire day inside the house with the kids, I made one comment on Twitter about needing adult interaction.  Within seconds, I had people on Facebook, Twitter and (gasp!) by phone checking in on me.  Yay for the internet!  I sometimes use it to shield me from the surroundings, but sometimes it’s so much more useful as a way to reach the outside world.

Day 261 – I was at the park this evening with my two little ones when a mother and her young daughter in a stroller came by.  My 3 year old smiled at them and said: “Hi!  This is my mommy and this is Beatrice.”  She seemed so proud to introduce us to the world, and I was so happy watching her be so fearless.  (Though I think this means we have to have the “stranger” talk soon.)

Day 250-255 – T*ts and A**

Before I get to the real meat of the post, I just want to say all of you who read this must be a bunch of pervs!  😉  Day 249 with the title A Sensual Day brought this site the most hits in one day (100) since I started this thing.  I guess I’ll be making my titles more provocative from now on.  Watch out for Day 269 – Hanging From the Chandelier… it’ll be exciting I assure you.

Day 250 –

Photo by Gordon Bonnar

This photo fascinates me.  I get lost in it.  For more amazing photos, check out Gordon’s Flickr Photostream.

Day 251 –

Today was my first day of school.  Well, of this year anyway.  I’m happy to return as a professor to the University of Ottawa’s theatre department.  I hard to park a fair distance away from campus, but it was a very useful walk to class.  I ended passing by both places where I used to live during my undergrad years (the house on Besserer and the apartment on Stewart.)  It was an amazing feeling to hear the clicketyclack of my high heels pounding the pavement with confidence and maturity I didn’t have back then.  Twelve years ago, I took the class that I’m teaching now.  And I think that’s pretty cool.

Day 252 –

Lil B

I found this image of my youngest that I took on my phone on our visit to the Museum of Nature.  She makes me smile.

Day 253 –

Steak au poivre - Shiraz - Love

This was my dinner before I saw my darling Mommy perform in The Odd Couple.

My Dad treated my sister and I to an amazing dinner at the Russell Manor.  You should go.

Day 254 –

The Site of My First Kiss

This may not look like much to you, but it means a lot to me.  I had the chance to revisit the magical place where I had my first “real” kiss when I was 12 (maybe 13).  Some of my old friends might be able to guess the lucky boy.  It was during rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof.

Day 255 – My moment of beauty of today is simple.  It’s getting a good strong hug from someone you love after not seeing them for a while.

Day 249 – A Sensual Day

I soaked in lots of beauty today…

… the feeling of hot water running down my neck and back…

… the smell of my baby’s breath first thing in the morning (don’t judge!)…

… the sound of a storm hitting my shingled roof…

… the taste of the chocolate covered raisins I avoided consuming until my errands were done so I could truly enjoy them…

And last, but not least…

My Face Sans Makeup

I’m not vain.  Really, I’m not.  Nadine posted a link to this blog and I felt inspired.