Day 273-279 – Taking Stock

Day 273 –

A little surprise package of "joy" I received in the mail from a friend.

Day 274 – After over a week of a nasty cough, the sight of antibiotics was the most beautiful thing I had seen all week!

Day 275 –

The sky above my house at dusk.

Day 276 – With the change of seasons and two kids, I feel like I’m constantly trying to find clothes for them that a) fit properly and b) warm/cool enough for the changing weather.  Now that they are really growing like weeds, I’m noticing how freaking expensive these little people are!  But I decided to be responsible and take 15 minutes to go through our fall/winter gear to see what we really had that would work.  The end result was staggering.  Lil B has enough fall coats to wear a new one each day for a week!  AJ is a little less fortunate, but still has two solid jackets to wear.  Why was I going to spend money on them again?  I could buy shoes for me instead!!!

hmmmm… maybe I should look in the closet and take stock of my own gear before shopping?  Boo.

Day 277 –

Craft supplies in my house are at an all-time low. So when you've got pumpkins, make strange random pumpkin art! (Can you guess which one is mine?)

Day 278 – I like pretty things.  I do. Like tall beds that require a ladder to get into.  And big fluffy feather duvet.  And ornate bedside lamps.  But I can’t afford all of those things.  Well, I could, but I choose not to get them and prioritise elsewhere.  

So when the fall weather hits and I’m feeling the urge to shop for new bedroom accoutrement, I get bummed out.  To cheer myself up, I searched through our cupboards where I had stored all of our perfect-for-chilly-weather blankets and brought out a ridiculous amount of them.  Then I proceeded to Martha Stewart-up my bed to the best of my abilities.  Sure, the blankets are mismatched.  Sure they aren’t without their faults.  But at least when I’m feeling cold and blue, I can crawl into a “new” warm haven of heavy blanket deliciousness.

Day 279 –

My girl and her 10pm construction exploits.


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