Day 294-297 – Green / Art / Moon / Sun

Day 294 –

I recently re-redecorated my basement office.  It seems that in the short year I’ve lived in my house, this room has undergone at least three transformations.  I was never happy with how it looked and I don’t think the room was ever happy with what it was meant to be. (Boy that was a hippy thing for me to say.)  After a bit of thought and a trip to Ikea, my home office is finally feeling good.    I think the biggest contributor to this, other than the new red shag area rug, was the addition of two single green bamboo stalks.  It’s amazing how adding a live plant in a room  brightens everything up.  It also gives me something pretty to stare at whebn I’m procrastinating from work.

Day 295 –

I had the pleasure of attending Justin Van Leeuwen’s canvas print launch.  My absolute favorite of his available prints is this one.  If you agree or want to see more, you can buy his amazing stuff here.

Day 296 –

Tiny Moon

Day 297 –

Here’s a PDF of my eldest’s most recent work of art – Le Soleil.  She’s quite bold with her choices.


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