Blog post: Hiatus (+ day 302)

It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve posted, but I’ve been ignoring this blog for much longer now.   Judging from the stats, many people still visit this site regularly and I sincerely appreciate that.  I just wish I had more content to share right now.

I started this blog as a way to challenge myself to find beauty in new places, however my life has taken a turn which has led to a whole new set of challenges.

I will be back.  I miss  writing.  I’m still trying to open my eyes to small joys, even though the majority of my energies are focussed elsewhere now.

So, until next time…

Day 302:  My 22 month old pronounces Fish as Pish.


4 thoughts on “Blog post: Hiatus (+ day 302)

  1. Do what you gotta do love. Always around if you need anything. And like Nadine said, we’ll be here whe you get back. Love your posts. xoB

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