Day 303 – 12 Hours of Christmas

I’m back!  I imagine my blogging will be sporadic, and it won’t stick with the original format for long, but I’m determined to write at least 365 days worth of beautiful joyful posts.

Inspired by this fun photo project, I documented my Christmas day with 12 photos taken every hour from approx 7:30am to 7:30pm.  I got a bit delayed mid-afternoon, but mostly stayed on track.  Here they are:


AJ in my bed. Excited, but still tired.


Morning Moon




Super cool Christmas card



My mommy's tree


Wine o'clock


A bit of telly


Dinner... french fries and onion rings. I love my Daddy!


Close-up of the tree


Presents from my Mommy and Daddy. I love watching my kids get presents, but still feel like a kid myself at the sigh of this.


New pompom hat








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