Day 309 – Memories, Short and Sweet

My parents took me and the girls to la “Cabane à sucre des Pins Verts” on Sunday.  If you try to google it, you’ll find many references *about* it, but not much on how to actually find the place.  It’s a fairly small family business owned by the Lavignes.   I’ve known these people since I was a kid as Richard Lavigne is one of my Dad’s longest (and bestest!) clients.

Being able to go to their sugar bush was beauty on so many levels.  My daughter AJ got to see how all the machines extracted the sap, watched how it went through the tubes into the adjacent building, saw it bubbling away in the large hot vats and finally come out as golden maple syrup.  (Ok, maybe I was a bit more excited than she was.  She became obsessed with the tricycles Richard took out within five minutes of getting there.)

While all the other customers were crowded in the larger dinning room, we were chilling out in the smaller room in the back with Richard, his two sons and his wife… laughing… reminiscing… joking… and ultimately fighting with Richard over him not letting us pay for anything.  The food was amazing, the company was fantastic… it felt like I was reconnecting with family again.


Richard and a young me - Circa 1986

Richard and mini-me AJ circa 2011




4 thoughts on “Day 309 – Memories, Short and Sweet

  1. And on the 8th day, God created maple syrup. I’m certain of it.

    Where is Pins Verts? I’m guessing somewhere east of Ottawa. On the Ontario or the Quebec side?

    My youth, which pre-dates yours, includes amazing happiness and delight from maple taffy poured on snow, wrapped around a stick and enjoyed like a wilderness lollipop.

    Beautiful is the two photos you shared up above. So wonderful to have moments like those.

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