Day 311 – New Little Sis

One night not too long ago, at a pub with friends, I met a very special young woman.  I found out she was in Ottawa on exchange… studying law… she looked young enough to still be figuring out her major and yet here she was all by her lonesome… far away from her family and friends back home in Australia.  Strong, shy, beautiful, fiesty.

We discovered we’re both dancers… her more than me… she’s still young and fit enough!

We discovered a shared love of theatre… particularly musical theatre.

We discovered that we can talk about just about anything… without censorship…without judgement.

And I discovered her exchange was to end this month.  In two days, she’s off on a trip around the USA to visit family, friends and Mickey Mouse.

We only got a chance to hang out twice, but I’m sad to see her go.

Today we visited the Arboretum.  Neither one of us had been.  Both strangers to the space.  Looking out at the canal like for the first time.   Totally peaceful.

Safe journey home Little Sis.  Everyone here who had the chance to meet you is a better person for it.


6 thoughts on “Day 311 – New Little Sis

  1. Beautiful Story, Nat! With encounters like this, it sometimes makes me wonder if they just happen or if we are meant to meet these people when we needed them.

  2. Such a heartwarming story! Thank-you for demonstrating Ottawa has some wonderful people living here, approachable, open, and friendly!

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