Day 312 – The Weeping Willow

I can’t remember how old I was when I saw a documentary (or was it a PSA?) on the importance of trees to the earth…removing carbon dioxide from the air blahblahblah.  The point is, what I remembered most from the program was that trees enrich our landscape and our lives.  So, in my tiny childlike mind, I decided that because we had lots of trees on our property, that made us “rich.”  I told my mom so.  She thought it was a pretty adorable statement, and I remember that moment to this day.

Fast forward over two decades, and I’m at my parents’ place over Easter weekend.  I was packing up the car tonight to take my little ladies home.  They’re running around outside, in rubber boots and already in their PJs ready for bed when we get home.

I noticed the weeping willow on the property.  When you see things too often, you stop really *seeing* them.  But with my 3 year old running past it, I noticed how absolutely ginormous and gorgeous that tree really is.  My Dad wasn’t sure of the timeline, but it’s been around at least since his childhood.  Might have even been planted by my grandmother over 50 years ago.  Pretty amazing.

It’s in rough shape.  Some branches are falling off.  Some large limbs have had to be removed.  But it survived an ice storm.  And it’ll probably survive through much worse.

The Weeping Willow… makes me rich!


2 thoughts on “Day 312 – The Weeping Willow

  1. Like.

    Gorgeous photo of tree with small child in rubber boots (?).

    You, or yours? Would be wonderful if it would be the former, because you could now shoot the latter. Regardless, both a tree like that one and a photograph like that one are cause for joy.

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