Day 313 – Relishing

I met someone pretty darn special not too long ago.  Her twitter handle is @relishing which, in the grand scheme of my blog, is absolutely perfect.

She started this amazing project in April 2010.  A 100 Strangers photography project.  I was immediately intrigued and emailed her my info.  After lots of communication back and forth, debating on location and whatnot, we finally scheduled something for Friday December 3rd.  Well, events that occurred on December 2nd altered the course of my life.  Though I was dealing with huge change, I felt real sadness for having to cancel the shoot.  Seems kind of silly now, in retrospect, but in the moment I was very disappointed.

Fast forward a few months.  While on a fun jaunt with my new Little Sis, I tweeted a picture to @relishing.  A moment of inspiration.  The location had (still has) major significance to me.  I thought she might dig it.

She did dig it.

We finally met at the Chateau Laurier and walked over to Nepean Point and its Astrolabe Theatre.   While she asked me random questions, her adorable (and clearly adoring!) husband held the flash so she could take the shots.  I felt under the microscope, in the nicest possible way.  I’m pretty much an open book… willing to tell my story to anyone who will listen… but it felt amazing to have someone really, truly listen.

She shares her favourite shots with her strangers, usually picking their favourites to post on her Le Mien site.  The director and artist in me stepped back from doing that.  I wanted her to be able to tell the story as she saw it.  She chose the shots.  Not me.  And I’m totally happy with that.

Meeting Kym and being Stranger#66… a calming, relaxing, inspiring moment of joy.


2 thoughts on “Day 313 – Relishing

  1. I know exactly what you mean about Kym. I was the stranger she photographed today at the TulipFest on Major’s Hill Park. Loved the experience and left feeling inspired!

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