Posted in June 2011

Day 316 – The Breather

The photograph below was taken by the Ottawa Fringe Festival’s Archival Photographer Andrew Alexander.  It’s incredibly special to me, because I can remember the moment so vividly.  It was three-quarters of the way through the festival.  I was going on my usual wander around the Courtyard, making sure everything was in order.  I remember stopping … Continue reading

Day 315 – Calm Before the Storm?

It’s 12:30pm.  I’m in the Ottawa Fringe Festival office.  And it’s quiet. I mean, reeeeeaaaaalllllly quiet.  I’m the only one here. And I’m calm.  Completely calm.  Kind of hungry.  More than a little tired.  But calm. The 15th anniversary edition of my beloved festival started yesterday.  A year’s worth of hard work all comes down … Continue reading