Posted in July 2011

Day 326 – Heart Head

I’m currently experiencing the glee (pardon the pun) that is teaching musical theatre camp at Orleans Young Players Theatre School. For two weeks, I am helping nine amazing young ladies ages 8-11 create characters, write a script, learn choreography and eventually sing their little hearts out during a 20 minute performance at the end of … Continue reading

Day 325 – The Lonely Nail

Spousal separation does strange things to a home. There’s a wall on the top floor between DD2’s bedroom and the bathroom that I walk past too many times a day to count.  That wall is completely bare, except for a single nail.  It has been in this state for 6 months now, but I’ve been … Continue reading

Day 324 – Why This Old Thing?

I was having a family picnic/backyard camping adventure at my parents’ place when I noticed the garage. This structure has been around for as long as I can remember. I even have vague memories of it being moved from the south end of the property to east of the house when my parents wanted a … Continue reading

Day 321 – Boo boo

This isn’t beautiful because DD3 gave me the plant for mother’s day. This isn’t beautiful because it combines some of my favourite colours (red and purple and pink…. ooooh) This is beautiful because it solves a mystery. I use masking tape to hold down paper on the dinning room table, so my kids can paint.  … Continue reading

Day 320 – Cows Don’t Scare Me… Much.

Many households had to deal with power outages due to the nasty storm this week, but my house was one of the lucky few spared.  All A/C and overuse of technology all the time for us!  Hooray!  So I was surprised to find out on Tuesday morning that both DD2’s home-carer that lives 5 minutes … Continue reading

Day 319 – Coffee Substitute

When I wake up certain (let’s face it, most) mornings, I am exhausted.  I need a coffee in bed so I am awake enough to go make myself coffee.  See the problem? However, I have a new solution.  Inevitably, my beautiful 2.5 year old always comes to join for me some morning cuddles.  Here’s a … Continue reading

Day 317 – Morbid Fascination

A simple trip home to bring my car in for a few small repairs turned into something unexpected. I walked home from the garage, weaving my way through the village. This village is the quaint St.Isidore de Prescott, population 751 (according to the 2006 census). If you’re driving from Ottawa to Montreal along the 417 … Continue reading