Day 326 – Heart Head

I’m currently experiencing the glee (pardon the pun) that is teaching musical theatre camp at Orleans Young Players Theatre School. For two weeks, I am helping nine amazing young ladies ages 8-11 create characters, write a script, learn choreography and eventually sing their little hearts out during a 20 minute performance at the end of camp.   I could write an entire week’s worth of blog posts about how amazingly creative these little ladies are, but this post is a bit simpler than all that.

The youngest student of the bunch,  8 year old Ella, came to me on the first day of class with something seemingly very important to say.  Our conversation went like this:

Her: I like your hair.

Me: Oh.  Gee, thanks. 

Her: I like what it does in the front.

Me: What it does in the front?

Her: Yeah.  Your bangs.  They make your face look like a heart.

Me: Oh, well, that’s because I’m full of love.

As soon as the words came out of my mouth I laughed at myself, thinking that it was the cheeziest thing I had said in a very long while.  However, judging by the huge grin I saw on Ella’s face as she turned and skipped away, she thought that it was a completely acceptable answer.


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