Day 328 – My 15,000 Celebration (possibly featuring you!)

I know not everyone is a fan of Twitter.  Not everyone “gets” it.  Not everyone wants to “get” it.  I can respect that, though I have to say that Twitter has been a huge source of inspiration, support, information, entertainment and networking for me… particularly during this past year of solo-parenting and single-life.

Last night, just past midnight, I tweeted my 15,000th tweet.  That’s around 2,100,000 characters… that’s at least the equivalent of a couple of novels.  I’ve been on Twitter for three years now, but I would say the majority of my tweeting has happened over the past year.    So, yeah, I talk a lot.

Sure, I would love to have more time to get out and visit family.

Sure, I could pick up the phone and call some of my non-Twitter friends more.

But what I’ve noticed is that Twitter has really inserted itself into my daily life in a way that allows me to have contact with people who care about me, people who stimulate me, people who make me laugh… and I can still have a meaningful dialogue even though my youngest might be screaming at my oldest for not sharing, even though I have to get the girls to bed at a certain time, even though I am running from one job to another and can’t have a long phone chat.

Out of curiosity, I checked out some of my tweets over the last couple of weeks to see who I’ve talked to, to see exactly what I’ve been talking about.  Seriously… only in the last TWO WEEKS!   It’s all too much to list, but here are some of the highlights:

– Finding out @melaniekarin is engaged.

– Getting teased by my Little Bro @justinvl

– Hooking up good friend @visitorium with a media pass to the Victoria Fringe Festival

– Sharing recipes, finding out great new places to eat in Ottawa and having general yummy-wine talk with too many people to name.

– Polling the twittersphere to help me decide on a movie to watch and getting over 20 responses.

– Getting random “<3” tweets from @slybeer

– Receiving encouragement from @garychampagne and @brianmcarroll

– Going off on some insane thread involving sex delivery, starfish and food with @snobiwan, @klamanhandle and @misshelveticab

– Having an amazing visit with @Gadgetgirl_ca that resulted in me coming home with croissant, wine and a Little Tykes kitchen for the girls to play with.

– Putting out a single tweet expressing how desperate I was to hang out with some adults after my four-day-with-only-kids camping trip and then scheduling time with @nadinethornhill, @magenta_QPS, @AccidentalB, @Beaty_boop, @ALL_CAPS, @stepc, @rocknorris, @orenmazor, @fleur_de_lotus and @_finn.

– And, finally, the 15,000th tweet happened during an epic ridiculous improvised story done entirely over Twitter with the fabulous @MCouto combining my love of theatre, tweeting and talking too much.

This list doesn’t even touch all the news I read, or the photos I saw, or the photos I shared, or the advice I gave, or the advice I was given or… well, you get the picture.

So, yeah, I think 15,000 tweets may seem silly to some.  For me though, it is something worth celebrating.


3 thoughts on “Day 328 – My 15,000 Celebration (possibly featuring you!)

  1. Probably the first really sound pro-Twitter argument I’ve read. Your interest and drive to tweet seems quite reasonable. I was disturbed by how quickly Facebook inserted itself into my daily routine, despite the fact that I entered that world with a lot of disdain and suspicion. I feel Twitter would become equally, if not more insidious, so I don’t think I’ll be signing on anytime soon…

    • It’s certainly not for everyone, but I’ve found I actually use Twitter more than Facebook now. This is not to say that I haven’t had to monitor my usage and make sure that it doesn’t take over my life. But, let’s face it, we communicate differently now and Twitter suits my lifestyle.

  2. The reason you have 15,000 tweets is that you use Twitter to have conversations, and you also conduct real business on there. I’m guessing that forcing people to confine their messages to 140 characters speeds things up for you.

    I just crossed the 2,000 mark and startled myself.

    Here’s to another 15,000!

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