Posted in October 2011

Day 342 – I Has Been iCloned

What started off as a creative outlet for Trevor and I has resulted in a friend of ours making an animated promo video using iClone. It’s kind of eerie seeing yourself animated, especially since I am nowhere near that tall or thin. 😉 Still, it’s pretty neat to have someone be inspired from something you … Continue reading

Day 340 – 3.82km and counting

I didn’t realise how much I liked something, until I couldn’t do it anymore.    I’ve had a nasty chest cold for three days, and missed out on doing my scheduled “Week 2, day 3” session of Couch to 5K.  I’m really not sure how I could fall in love so quickly with an activity, especially … Continue reading

Day 339 – Stereotype

Yep. I work in the theatre. And I love this time of year. Turtleneck wearing time. Particularly black turtlenecks. Ideally cashmere. All I’m missing is the beret.