Day 338 – My New Little Man

He’s so happy… And cute when he’s sleeping.




4 thoughts on “Day 338 – My New Little Man

  1. I said I wouldn’t even consider getting an e-reader until the price dropped below a hundred bucks. Well, the classic Kindle is now $79 at Amazon, but my paper book collection (my books plus borrowed stuff) is still so huge that I don’t even know how many I have. Not to mention that pesky library that lets you borrow stuff for FREE. So the e-reader is going to wait. (I haven’t bought many used books this year, so that’s a start, I guess.)

  2. I got Mike a Kobo as well… he’d been talking about it for months and months, though we really couldn’t justify the price until I came into a little extra money. He LOVES it. Best part is being able to download books right from the library — and since they go back automatically when they expire, no more late fees! I’m a bit of a luddite, loving the feel of paper… but I’ll have to admit his way seemed more practical on our latest trip, when I was lugging around big heavy books and he just had his Kobo.

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