Day 351 – Makes Me Cry (In A Good Way)

a peek inside the fishbowl” by the wonderful Andrea Tomkins has been a longtime source of  information and whimsy for me.  This post is one of my recent favourites.

I managed to grow two beings (not at the same time!) inside me, which was pretty amazing.  These aren’t “mine”, and yet I’m still fascinated by how they grow.

Receptacle – green onions – water – sun.  Done.


Day 349 – A Room With a View

It’s a gloomy day, but at least I’m sitting in a comfy chair doing work that I love.

It’s not exactly glamorous.  The view isn’t tropical.  But when I take a second to look outside, I realise how fortunate I am.

Sure, it’s not the most energy-efficient window.  It’s pretty dirty.  It’s drafty.

But I have a view.  One that is calming, in its own way.    One that reminds me that my kids are growing up in a safe place.

One that still surprises me and takes my breath away.




The answer to yesterday's question.



Day 348 – Petit Ami

When I started my 365 project 22 months ago (ahem), I chose this WordPress template because it was clean and  clutter-free.  I liked how the header was bright and abstract.  It was only a couple of months later that I noticed that the template came with an extra little… perk.

I’d completely forgotten about it until a close friend of mine pointed it out again recently.  Now it’s the first thing I notice when I look at my blog.  A tiny bit of beauty.

Can you find it?  Comment below if you do. I’ll give the answer in the next post.

Day 346 – Seeing Red

I LOVE marking university papers with red pen.

I love it.

It feels aggressive.  Authoritative.  In your face!


It’s also helpful.  Guiding.  Celebratory.

Particularly when I can point out that a student has done something exemplary.



Exemplary is a good word.

I think I’ll go back to marking now.

Hope that I find the perfect term paper to write exemplary on.

Day 345 – Out With The Old…

… and I’m not at all feeling the urge to bring in the new.

Things are just things.  Yes, the sentimental value pull can be hard to fight.  I find this especially the case with regards to my kids’ things.  You try so hard as a new parent to soak in every little detail of cute, every little moment of development, every second of smiles… but it’s impossible.  Our brains aren’t programmed to that way.  We can’t keep it all in, and honestly that’s a good thing. Think about pain.  Would you want to remember it in minute detail?  If we remembered pain well, we wouldn’t have more than one kid in the first place!

I’m slowly but surely getting rid of some of the stuff.  I’ve been passing on clothes to my best friend’s daughter for a couple of years now, but a lot of the toys and baby-relating things have piled up in the basement because I’ve been trying to hold on to the past.

I have my memories.  I have pictures.  I have a few token mementos.

The rest is just… stuff.

And it needs to go.