Day 345 – Out With The Old…

… and I’m not at all feeling the urge to bring in the new.

Things are just things.  Yes, the sentimental value pull can be hard to fight.  I find this especially the case with regards to my kids’ things.  You try so hard as a new parent to soak in every little detail of cute, every little moment of development, every second of smiles… but it’s impossible.  Our brains aren’t programmed to that way.  We can’t keep it all in, and honestly that’s a good thing. Think about pain.  Would you want to remember it in minute detail?  If we remembered pain well, we wouldn’t have more than one kid in the first place!

I’m slowly but surely getting rid of some of the stuff.  I’ve been passing on clothes to my best friend’s daughter for a couple of years now, but a lot of the toys and baby-relating things have piled up in the basement because I’ve been trying to hold on to the past.

I have my memories.  I have pictures.  I have a few token mementos.

The rest is just… stuff.

And it needs to go.


3 thoughts on “Day 345 – Out With The Old…

  1. Can I just first say that I LOVE that your mom commented first.
    I struggle with getting rid of things, sort of. I’m so weird. Sometimes I throw things away KNOWING I will need them later, just because I HATE clutter and mess.. other times, I keep things knowing I will never use them. My mom kept some of my baby clothes and it IS nice to have them just for shits and giggles.. but mostly, its because my mom has passed away and It reminds me of when I was a baby and she was alive. I have some of her clothes that I would never dream of getting rid of, but again, only because she’s gone. If she was here I would get rid of them in an instant I’m sure.
    I wonder how I will be when I have kids.. I’m probably gonna be the type that keeps every little thing. In that case, I’ll have to buy a storage unit.
    Why don’t you store the things you want to keep at your moms? 😉
    Pick a few things that have value and put em’ in one of those vacuum bags.. they even trap the scent! XO! -Megan

    • Ha! My Mom has sent over all of my childhood stuff to store at my place! She’s de-cluttering too.

      It’s not so bad. So far, every item I’ve sold/given away has gone to a family that clearly needs it and will use it. While the “things” were here, they were just collecting dust.

      I have the memories, so it’s time to move the actual things along.

      Thanks for reading!

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