Day 365 – The Finale

721 days, over 15,000 hits, 365 beautiful things, and finally the journey is complete.

And now, for the finale, the last bit of beauty that has brought me joy…


I don’t deal with change well. I never have. I can see it in my daughters too. I’ve passed on that certain inflexibility to them. However, the wiser I’ve become the better equipped I am to deal with change. As scary as change is, it’s impossible for me to deny how beautiful it is. Life truly is about the journey. I mean, what exactly is the destination? What is our purpose? I still don’t know. There were days in my life where I thought I knew where I was going… that I was on the “right” path, and eventually discovered how “wrong” I was. But did that take anything away from how I got there? No. I can still appreciate every amazing moment of the journey for what it was and for how it has made me the person I am today.

There is beauty in change. There is joy in accepting the new moment for what it is. There is exhilaration in not knowing where life is going to take you from day to day, from second to second. There is power in knowing that all you can really do is make the best of the circumstances you’ve been dealt while fighting for what you want to adjust, and accepting the things you can’t.

Looking back at the blog, I’ve noticed that I haven’t rediscovered much beauty in the stuff that is unchanging because I naturally find joy in those things. I appreciate them, and I am grateful for them. The real joy is in noticing what is different… what is new… what is slightly scary.

Have I succeeded in really slowing my life down, properly soaking in the little things, bringing new smalls joys into my life? Not really. I move too fast. I don’t see very well. But, I have grown. I have embraced change just a tiny bit more than I did 721 days ago. Though this project had a deadline, it should never have been about the end result. It was about all those blips, bumps in the road, and beautiful moments that got me here.

Change isn’t quite so scary anymore. I’m looking forward to more of it.


Well that’s done.


Now what?

Who knows?

I sure don’t.

And that’s fine by me.


7 thoughts on “Day 365 – The Finale

  1. “Life truly is about the journey”

    I was reading an article about the Big Bang today (the theory, not the TV show, though both are exciting to talk about). The idea that life, or existence for that matter, is all about change is an absolute truth. It is the fundamental element (no pun intended) behind life, love and our very existence. I hope your next project gives you just as much joy Nat. Merci d’avoir partagé!

  2. Un peu en retard, mais BRAVO, BRAVA… On est tous brave d’une certaine manière, lorsque nous acceptons de changer et acceptons les choses que nous ne pouvons changer. Bravo Nathalie, pour cette tranche de vie remplie de joies (petites ou grandes). Bonne chance pour la suite 🙂

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