My Merry Christmas

The holidays this year have been restful and relaxing. The best part about them has been having so much quality time with my girls, without any work pressures or other stresses.  I appreciate them so much more when I don’t have a dozen other things on my plate.

This is the second year in a row I’ve documented the day using the #hourlyphoto hashtag (See @missfish‘s post about it here.)  Enjoy… I know I have.

6am – DD4 discovering that Santa ate all the cookies she put out for him the night before.

7am – My boyfriend writes the best love letters.

8am – Craft time.

9am – Time for my second cup of coffee.

10am – Cuddles.

11am – Uncle Richard and Grandma (a few dirty lyrics to Christmas tunes may have been sung.)

Noon – Lunch! I look forward to this all year.

1pm – Presents? For me?

2pm – Presents opened. Food coma started. I need a top-up.

3pm – First time I’d heard my honey’s voice since he left for Costa Rica five days ago.

4pm – Cranberry juice, apple juice, mulling spices.

5pm – Playing games with Grandma.

6pm – Leftovers.

7pm – A bit of telly with Grandpapa before bed.

8pm – Movie on tv, Kobo and single-malt scotch. Can’t complain.


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