The Day After

Boxing Day has always felt like the lesser-holiday.  The day after.  It’s often kind of a let down.  Low key.  With that feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself.   So, I decide to do another hourly photo post.  To see if Boxing Day is as much of a let down this year as it has been in the past.

I guess it’s all about perspective.  I don’t think I did much differently this year, but today wasn’t a let down at all.

7am – Good morning.

8am – Coffee and Boxing Day sales.

9am – DD2 is upset because DD4 won’t share. See culprit in the back gleefully playing.

10am – DD2 seems to have forgotten all about her earlier problems.

11am – Paper doll.

Noon – Packing.

1pm – Homemade fish and chips.

2pm – Shoveling.

3pm – Eerily quiet.

4pm was naptime so

6pm – Decisions, Decisions. (And being fortunate to have so much to choose from.)

7pm – DD2’s still plumpy baby hands.

8pm – Euchre. (Aside: I won both games… this never happens!)

9pm – 3D puzzle time. Same one I’ve done every Christmas since 1997.

10pm – Almost bedtime.


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