#2 – Hayden

He has been both my assistant and my student.

He’s the child whisperer.  With infinite patience, boundless creativity, and the calmest demeanor.

Two weeks of musical theatre drama camps would be significantly less pleasurable without him making me laugh.

He’s smart, he’s witty, and he studies biology (or some equally difficult and important subject) yet can’t stop thanking me for how much my university level Theatrical Event class challenged and stimulated him.

Actor, teacher, student, aspiring EMT, nerd and all around amazing guy, he’s well-rounded and level-headed.

Charming, funny, gentle and kind, I feel calm around him.  Like he’s got my back.

He’s as much at home on stage in character, as he is making sure a diabetic student is eating properly, as he is making sure that a down syndrome student feels at home in our class, as he is talking about first aid training.

He may have been my student.

He may currently be my assistant.

But I don’t think he realises just how much he’s taught me.


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