#4 – Kris

I miss Kris.

He’s moved to Edmonton with his beau to start a new life and stretch his actor wings out West.   His partner recently proposed.  Kris accepted.  I couldn’t be happier for them.

Kris makes me feel good.  He’s a beautiful man, inside and out.  His speaking voice make me melt.  He’s as much at home singing show tunes as he is reciting sonnets.  Passionate, driven and insanely witty, Kris’s major problems are that he is too talented and has too many possibilities ahead of him.

He is a great listening and advice-giver.  He is kinky and dirty and sweet and charming.  He is confident without being cocky.  Outspoken without being brash.

Collaborating with Kris on projects has always given me the warm fuzzies… feeling understood, challenged, stimulated and fulfilled.  (Solely in the theatrical, creative sense people!)

When we lived in the same city we didn’t see each other much, but every coffee we did have together was a treat.  Now that he lives far away, he sometimes sends me cute tweets that make my day.

I miss Kris.


Featured image of Kris and Nadine is used with permission from the amazingly talented Kym Shumsky.  You should check out her 100 Strangers Project.  It’s lovely.  And, yes, I am biased. 


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