#7 – Amanda

I was desperate last year. Fringe time was upon me. I had three major events that I needed to attend and I didn’t have a thing to wear. What does a desperate clothes-less woman do in those circumstances (other than the obvious “go shopping”)? Turn to Twitter, that’s what!

I put out a simple call, asking if any of my followers might have something they could loan me, and that’s how I met Amanda. A woman I had never met in real life offered to come by my office and let me try on a few of her dresses. A few! Not one, but a few! And two out of the three were a perfect fit! I couldn’t believe my luck.

It turns out, Amanda is as sweet in person as she is on Twitter. And her photography… amazing.

Thank you so much Amanda for making me look good!

Fringe Gala 2011


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