#8 – Shane

Shane with his beautiful daughter and wife.

I have a strange way of making friends.  I mean, I meet people pretty much the same way everyone else does, but I go about choosing my “keeper” friends oddly.  #8 and #9 are such people.

Do I remember exactly when I met Shane?  Nope.  I know he did community theatre with my Mom and I was involved backstage somehow.  I was quite young and don’t have the clearest memories of my community theatre days.   Once I got involved, I got heavily involved, and one production blends into another.

What I do remember clearly is that Shane was part of a group of crazy boys (men?) that I admired and loved very much.  They were (are?) smart, witty, creative, rambunctious, and fiercely loyal to each other.  They all pretty much treated me like a little sister (though I thought most of them were hawt!) and protected me.   Our families knew each other well and spent a lot of time together, but I was still the “kid” through most of it.

There was a lapse in time where Shane and I didn’t really speak or see each other.  Too long of a story to mention, but he was back in town when I turned 20 (or was it 21?  Again… a blur) and he took me out for an amazing day that resulted in drinks and getting my navel pierced.

Though we were good acquaintances up until that point, that one day of sharing, confiding, hugging, and celebrating made us brother and sister.   One day is all it took.

And it’s been that way ever since.

He lives on the other side of the world now with his beautiful family.

But he’s still my Big Bro.  Taking care of me from afar.


3 thoughts on “#8 – Shane

  1. Thank you, sis! I am truly touched.

    I remember meeting you for the first time. It was back stage during one of the rehearsals for Run For Your Wife. Your mom brought you in to meet everyone. But you are right – it was during that afternoon that I drove up to Ottawa to spend the day with you that we made the connection.

    We hung out in your apartment for a bit. (I believe you were just in the midst of packing up to move.) Then we jumped in my car and set off for a day of unplanned fun. The music playing as we cruised down the streets of Ottawa was Steal my Sunsine, by Len; however, it is the opposite which rings true – you have done nothing but bring a little more sunshine into my life.

    That was a great day. A day which as you put so well ‘made us brother and sister’. Thank you for you! And yes, I’ve always got your back.

  2. Nice memories. Shane also holds a special place in my heart. Oh, and what a surpise when he and his lovely family arrived at our hotel room to wish me a happy 60th!

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