#15 – Claire

ClaireClaire is another one of my Twitter friends, so it’s hard to trace exactly how we got to know each other.  It was a  quickly formed friendship, one that translated into me leaving our first “in real life” visit with multiple bottles of wine.  She takes good care of me.

We’ve bonded over similarities.  A love of good food and even better wine.  Single mommyhood.  Culture consumers.  Tech nerds.  Shoe obsessions.

It wasn’t long after our first meeting that Claire started to take over, in the best way possible.  When I’d visit, she’d force me to sit down, politely tell my kids to step away from the exhausted mommy, and would help find them something to keep busy.  (She has a good mommy voice.  They listened to her.)  She got me to try fois gras.  (I didn’t like it.)  She talked me down from my high anxiety peaks. (She has a good mommy voice.  I listened to her.)  She told me that, without a shadow of a doubt,  2012 was going to be my year.  (She wasn’t wrong.)

While she is an excellent mother, she has on many occasions reminded me how strong, capable, and nurturing I am as a caregiver.  I’ve even inherited the title of her “Twitter-Mum”, which is a lot of responsibility let me tell you.  It was quite the ordeal dealing with her fear of opening champagne bottles.  And I had to keep a close eye once she started dating Nice_Jewish_Boy. They’re engaged now.  I guess I’m also a “Twitter-Mum-In-Law.”

It just goes to show your family isn’t just who you’re related to, it’s also who you can relate to.

(See what I did there.)

You can follow Claire’s Wine Wednesday blog on foodiePrints.  Check out the rest of the site too.  It’s good.  Really good.


So, hey, it’s been a long time huh?  Sorry about that.

I did want to say a big THANK YOU to the readers who have stuck by me.  I recently reached  20,000 hits on this website, which is small change compared to many others, but it’s a big deal to me.

There are still many Faces of Joy to come.  Thanks for reading!