Long time no see!

Hey!  Look at that!  I haven’t blogged in six months.  Time flies when your life is changing every second.  Hooray!

But I’m back, though probably still very sporadically.  However, I do have something new to share.    Typing is hard.  Blah blah blahing in front of a camera is not.  So…. I’m vlogging now!

The topics will be varied.  The production values will be sketchy.  The chances of me embarrassing myself are high.

You should watch!




3 thoughts on “Long time no see!

  1. Wow. I am fascinated and hope to hear about your new adventures. Best of luck, and have courage when things look like they are about to scare the daylights out of you. I absolutely support, appreciate and identify with your “lack of focus”.

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